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Large Groups, Parties, Weddings
Corporate or Private

We specialize in providing professional Designated Driver/Chauffeurs on demand at your event. We provide your host with a safe responsible solution to providing alcohol and having guest drink and drive in other words we help you cover your exposure

How It Works:

A determination is made prior to the event on how many drivers will be needed on location. We are there to make sure the attendees who have had a lot of fun have a SAFE option to get both Themselves AND Their Car Home. The number one reason we drink and drive is I dont want to leave my car. When someone needs us, one of our drivers will chauffeur the attendee back home in their vehicle, while one of our fleet vehicles is sent to pick up the driver. Our drivers are trained and well-dressed individuals who are stationed at your venue, typically near the entrance or valet station. We typically arrive towards the last half of the event and stay until dismissed by the coordinator.

2 drivers / 1 rover vehicle from $645.00
3 drivers / 1 rover vehicle from $845.00
5 drivers / 2 rover vehicles from $1450.00
7 drivers / 2 rover vehicles from $1795.00
Estimated Attendees:
up to 50
50 200
200 500
500 1500

* Pricing is based on 4 hour minimum service plus travel time