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Why My Private Driver

At My Private Driver we pride ourselves on providing both mainstream and niche services at the highest level. Our specialty is exceeding expectations while delivering one of the best value based services in the industry . Whether you need a Driver for your car or require full luxury limousine service our team is ready to serve. From the moment a My Private Driver chauffeur arrives at your location, he is at your disposal and ready to serve. My Private Driver was established in 2004 on the simple premise of professionalism, quality of service and value. These principles have equated to a phenomenal reputation in customer service. Whether you are a client that uses our service once a year for a special occasion or a VIP member client five days a week, you are guaranteed superior service and attention to detail.

Working Day Trips

Do you have a working day trip to Austin, OKC, Dallas, Houston, Malibu, Newport Beach, Anaheim or Las Vegas?. Have your Private Driver drive you there while you remain productive and stress free during the trip. No airport hassle, No rental car or cab expense, Constant cell phone usage and broadband connection allows you to relax, work, perform conference calls and remain productive during your trip.

Designated Driver

Dont Take a Chance, Its Not Worth It! Use your Personal Chauffeur as a DD for the evening. Eliminate the risk of a DWI while at the same time relax, have fun and dont worry about the hassle of parking. The average DWI now cost $17,000 Your Private Chauffeur averages about $30 an hour.

Senior Citizen

We offer special rates and services for our senior clients. Designed around the needs of some of our favorite clients. Your Private Driver is great for grocery shopping, errands, visiting friends and getting to/from a doctors appointment. Please call for special senior rates and packages.

A Night on the Town

If you are planning a special occasion, such as an anniversary, birthday, bachelorette party or graduation, we can drastically reduce you cost of transportation over conventional service by using the comfort of your own car or allowing you to rent a vehicle and hire JUST the DRIVER.

Sporting events/concerts

Many of us would rather pass up a desired event because we dont want to face the horrendous numbers of cars both getting to and escaping from the sporting events and concerts around our Metro areas. Our experienced drivers face those types of occurrences on a frequent basis and will see you to and from your event safely and ultimately back home safe and sound.